Social Events

Registration / Reception/ Evening Social on Monday March 28th :

at the Dupanloup Hotel (International University Centre for Research), 1 rue Dupanloup - Orléans 

Dupanloup Hotel in Orléans: the Episcopal Palace

“The Hotel Dupanloup is the former Episcopal Palace of Orleans, A building built in the seventeenth century, which hosts since the beginning of 2014, the University Centre for International Research.

The Old Bishopric, located Félix Dupanloup (Bishop of Orleans from 1849 to 1878), in the city center Orleans, Is a building that belongs to the city since 1919 ...

The Episcopal Palace of Orleans is built from 1635. At that time, the central body are built and one of the two pavilions curves around the main courtyard. From 1645, the bishopric of construction continues with the addition of boundary wall, the entrance gate to the staircase, northwest of garlic and West Pavilion. In the seventeenth to the end of the eighteenth century, the building has a residential function, housing the private apartments of the Bishop of Orleans on the ground floor. The synodal meetings particularly stood in a large room upstairs . The late eighteenth century stands for French Revolution. The religious building was confiscated in 1793 and leased to individuals. Not until the early nineteenth century (1801) to find that the building function of bishop, for over a century…… “



Cocktail at the Groslot Hotel on Tuesday March 29th :

at the Groslot Hotel (Town hall), 2 place de l'Etape - Orléans 

Hôtel Groslot

“Located near the cathedral, the Hotel Groslot was built between 1530 and 1550 for the Bailiff Jacques Groslot. It has been the City Hall since 1790, and its interior was restored by the architect Delton in 1850. Today, visitors can browse the Salon d'Honneur, the guardroom, the former Municipal Council Hall, the former Mayor's office and the wedding hall in which Francis II died, having come to preside over the the States General in 1560 with his mother, Catherine de Medici and his wife Mary Stuart. Charles IX, Henri III and Henri IV have been among other illustrious guests. Here you may discover many memories of Joan of Arc, excellent paintings, Aubusson tapestries and furniture….”

Groslot Hotel


Visit and Banquet at the Sully Castle on Thursday March 31st :

at the Sully Castle, Sully-sur-Loire 50 km east of Orléans along the Loire River  

Sully Castle

Built in the late fourteenth century on the banks of the Loire, the Château de Sully is now the eastern entrance gate to the Loire Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site. A veritable medieval fortress, declared a historic monument in 1928, the château still maintains its unique look with its wide water-filled moat still water, its massive keep and towers with their pepper pot roofs.

In the apartments of the Duke of Sully and his wife, all the magnificence and grandeur of an era are to be found. The Salle d'Honneur houses their final resting place and a gallery of family portraits. See also the King's Chamber, the eighteenth century apartments, called the Psyche Rooms, where wall hangings of the same name can be seen.

Sully Castle


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