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 Plenary Lectures

We are very pleased to announce that the following plenary speakers have agreed to present at HTMC 15

 Dr. Patrick MAESTRO,

Scientific Director, Solvay (Belgium) - Member of the National Academy of Technologies of France

  Dr. Sylvia JOHNSON,

 Chief Materials Technologist, Entry Systems and Technology Division, NASA Ames Research Center (USA)

Contribution : Materials for space: it's challenging!

  Prof. Dr. Ralf RIEDEL,

 Dean of the Department of Materials and Earth Sciences, Technische Universität of Darmstadt (Germany)

Contribution : Thermodynamic control of phase composition and crystallization of high temperature resistant silicon-based ceramics and nanocomposites



Chairman and E.B. Branson Professor of the Department of Geological Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia (USA)

Contribution : Thermal conductivity of silicate glasses, melts and magmas to high temperatures

  Prof. Jinglin YOU,

Deputy Director, State Key Laboratory of Advanced Special Steel, Shanghai University, Shanghai (China)

Contribution : Temperature dependent micro-structure study of inorganic materials and their melts by Raman spectroscopy and theoretical simulation methods 

  Prof Victor V. IGNATIEV,

National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”, Moscow (Russia)

Contribution : Developing the next generation of molten salt reactor systems with uranium-thorium support 

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