City and Venue

The HTMC conference will take place in the "Centre de conférence d'Orléans". It is situated at 15 mn by foot from the railway station, in the center of Orléans (see map Above).

Orléans, the city of Joan of Arc,one hour south of Paris :jeanne




 Orléans a royal City :

The ancient district boasts an exceptional heritage. ChateletMedieval half-timbered houses, elegant fronts from the renaissance period and town houses can be found.

The half-timbered house is one of the oldest proven construction techniques in Orléans. This type of construction was spotted during the 19th century in order to prevent fires. The rehabilitation of the ancient district undertaken by the city council enabled the promotion of the numerous houses where timber frames were painted in a vast range of colors.

The historic centre of the city, developed as a pedestrian area with new paving, benefits from a specific “plan lumière” (a recent concept aiming to establish the lighting of a tourist city or a built-up area) highlighting the fronts and the architectural details for a wonderful night’s walk.


The Wild River Loire:Loire

As the last wild river of Europe, the Loire offers an exceptional and well preserved landscape.

Docks and levies remind us of the port’s activities until the 19th century and the protection of inhabitants from rising water levels. There are numerous places for walks where your will find a multitude of flora and fauna (beavers, grey herons, wild plants…)

Since October 30th 2000, the Loire Valley (between Sully-sur-Loire in the Loiret and Chatonne-sur– Loire in Anjou) is biggest French site registered on the UNESCO world heritage list.

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