Informations before coming 

Eleven days before starting

 Answers to some frequently asked questions :

  • How to come in Orléans from the international (Roissy Charles de Gaule), national (Orly) airports or railway station (Paris-Austerlitz) ? see explanations here:  How to come
  • The poster session will occur on Wednesday afternoon up to 9 o’clock in the evening around a “wine and cheese session” but the posters will be also visible during the whole week!  
  • We encourage you to include your photo on the poster in order to be easily located even if you are not present in front of it.
  • The classical size of the poster, A0, wil be perfect.
  •   A special price for the best poster will be awarded during the meeting.


Welcome to the Conference

HTMC-XV will be the 15th meeting in a series of conferences that are held every three years, the last occurring in Beijing, China in 2012,  after Davis, USA in 2009.

We are waiting for you in 2016 from March, 29th to April, 1st in the city of Joan of Arc along the Loire river, UNESCO world heritage site.

The conference will be held in the Centre de conference d’Orléans located near the center of the town, close to its historic part.

Conference center entrance


The focus of the meeting will be to bring together people from the fields of chemistry, materials science, earth and planetary science, metallurgy who are working in the area of high temperature phenomena in solid and liquid materials.


  • Melts, ceramics, glasses and amorphous materials

  • Corrosion, phase structure and metallurgic processes

  • Earth and planetary materials at high pressure and temperature

  • Materials for nuclear energy applications

  • Materials for solar energy : storage and receivers

  • Materials for aerospace applications

  • Transport, ionic and electronic conduction, densification, grain boundaries, interfaces and surfaces.

  • High temperature thermodynamic measurements

  • Interplay of theory and modeling with experiment on high temperature materials

  • New insights in very high temperature materials science.


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